So today was lots of Cheering and no spirit stick… YET! we will get it Bridgewater, don’t you worry!

So Kelly, Loryn and I started our day off playing with blocks, but really, it was great, we made sick center pieces for the dinner tonight ūüôā they looked swell.

The rest of the crew got here around Noon and we headed to our State Meeting at 2, where we played a 4 corners type game to see what everyone was most excited about, which was kind of cool to see what level of “NACAness” everyone is on, if you will.

From there Sam and I tentatively ¬†headed (aka stayed in the same room) to our “I’ve got spirit, We’ve got spirit, how about you?!” Ed Session… which was… interesting? There we 9 people, including the 2 of us, and NO, it was not about having school spirit, it was about having spirituality… interesting. We did a 3 corners game (hmmm these are popular) and planned events with various budgets related to spirituality events. My group had an unlimited budget, and we planned a mental health week, with a fair, lots of give aways, different sessions each day on working out/ meditating/ yoga/ etc. It was kind of interesting but kind of 100% not my style at all. ¬† It takes a whole campus, of whole persons, to develop whole students. She said if we get anything out of the session it would be to ensure that you find meaning and purpose in the things that you do, makes sense, definitely agree with her.

Then we were off to the SAMPLER ! I love the sample, quick, easy, painless, get a nice taste of what each artist has to offer without being overwhelmed/bored/ready to move on to the next one.

Before I get into the Samplerettes, I must tell you about the fact that this year there is either a hearing-impaired or deaf student at the conference and they have these 3 wonderful signers, and their profession really truly amazes me… they are so fast (even though a few times, they couldn’t get up with the rapping) and just get so into it, it’s great, and it’s great that there are people like that out there.


I’m just winking at you real long: Xclusive: $1,000 NACA price – this kid was decently funny, he did like a mini saga thing, where he danced, sang, acted, and did comedy all in one little bit, it was cute, and he talked about having 1 eye, and a magical¬†stethoscope¬†and btw he was a fantastic dancer, its was like body shake without moving craziness.

Brad McConnell ($1,000 NACA Price) ¬†was after, nothing too great, I think everyone¬†mediocrely liked him… he played guitar and harmonic and did mostly covers.

I captivated you with all my charm: Augustine ($1,000 NACA) ¬†was great, maybe because I just love them to begin with but either way, I think they’re great. The girl’s voice is honestly amazing, and the guy’s is as well (they’re a duo) but her’s might be slightly better.. but I ¬†honestly think they complement each other so well. He makes up for whatever slightly less voice skill he has with the fact that he BEATBOXES and she made up a rap mash-up, very classy, I like. AND HUGE PLUS they totally gave¬†Antoine¬†Dodson mad probs and did a little run and tell that HOMEBOY, and if you are lost with what I am talking about, 1. get in the loop and 2. log into youtube, it’s great.

The best thing about Venezuela is the beaches, the big beaches, the big dirty beaches Francisco Ramos ($1,000 NACA) So he was funny, moved here when he was 13, and if you read the sentence aloud with a Spanish accent, you’ll get the joke. ¬†This guy has a great shimmy and was pretty funny from what I remember.

When parallel parking the worse you are the more people cheer for you Joe Wong ($2,250 NACA) THIS GUY, was hi-lar-ious! He was the 1 liner that you can’t help but laugh at everything, I appreciated it.. He is Chinese, and just made lots of Chinese jokes, but they were still so funny.

Steve Means ($1,500 NACA (and 100% worth it) So he was pretty great, and 2. umm c’mon he’s from the south, instant bonus points there, 3. he was SO NICE at his booth, we stayed with him and KooKoo (they’re show casing too, so more to come on them later, but note, their booth.. so fun fake mustaches!) ¬†4. he played original songs, that kind of make your heart melt a little bit, 5. did I say he was great yet? 6. he has one of those things, that the name of I can’t think of right now, but it’s when you play part of a song, and record it, and then it loops it while you keep playing the rest (is it a loop?) ¬†I love when artists use those so you can really see all the different elements of a song.

Let me first start off by saying that I love a man who can rock a v-neck, it takes a certain style of guy to pull it off, and this guy, Chris Ayer ($750 NACA)¬†¬†had it. ¬†His music, not so much my style, but it happens.. He was very folky, Not sure how well he’d fit at Bridgewater.. but he’s definitely the kind of artist who’s CD I wanna go grab so I can pop it in my car for a late night road trip; it’s got that soothing-relaxing-be-by-myself vibe going on. Loved his voice.

Dave Matthews and Blues Traveler played nextI mean, the guy sounded like a mash-up of them, yaaa digggg? Bryon Zanos ($899) There were 2 of them; 1 guitar, 1 bass, I liked them, I could see them for coffeehouse definitely.

Then we went to dinner, and I had a delicious vegan meal YUM. And there was also awkward entertainment, that we won’t be bringing to Bridgewater, I hope?

The Spotlight Showcase had some pretty good stuff, the Emcee’s, Dave and Ethan ($1,500 NACA), Talked about dating in College, so funny, I like it, lots. I also enjoyed Five Times August ($1,000 NACA) (I’ve had their CD for a few years, so I’m predisposed) and Brian O’Sullivan ($1000 NACA) ¬†was funny and seemed like the kind of guy you’d want to hang out with for the afternoon.

THICK AS THIEVES ($1,900).. Okay so no surprise here… Gorgeous (I know I keep talking about how much prettiness everyone has, but I can’t help but notice… sorry!) ¬†and AMAZING. They come out with a guitar and African Drum and their rocking out doing their acoustic thing, when OUT OF NO WHERE comes this amazing rapper AND HE DID BIGGIE, how can you resist that? AND Beastie Boys, among other things, they knew what was up. ¬†They got the whole crowd involved and really just gave off such a great vibe, I’d love to see them at Bridgewater, Maybe on a Saturday night or opening performance for the Comedian during Springfest.. It’s hard to figure out when to have bands at BWater, any ideas? I know students want them… but it’s still hard logistically.

See you tomorrow N-A-C-A-10



One thought on “FORM THE BEAR!

  1. I loved playing with the blocks too!! I totally forget about doing that! I know your first ed session wasn’t exactly what you thought it was, but I’m happy to see that you made the best of it! I had never considered combining spirituality and programming before…interesting perspective! ūüôā

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