Form the Bear…

Yay!! I can’t believe we are finally all at NACA! I’m so happy to have almost everyone hear and by tomorrow night we will! So I’ll go through what happened today though it seems like a week!

The day started off a little slow Rachel, Loryn and I made our way down to the convention center around 10am and helped volunteer a little then went down to post our meet the delegates post (check out Rachel’s slideshow) and then everyone else showed up! We went to the orientation and then to our first ed session!

My ed session was called “Weighing the Risk: Managing Major and Minor Event Crisis” at first I was a little bored and didn’t know what I was going to take out of this session besides defining what a risk was but then they started to go into a system of how they weigh the risks of programs at the their University (it was UCONN). This system is looks really interesting and I have the website to access the charts and information for my future use. I think this could actually help me out a lot with my student program advisor job in helping clubs/organizations weigh the risks of certain programs and maybe help some of them see how much trouble some events can be.

After the ed session we went to our first showcase, this was the sampler showcases and in some ways this is one of my favorite showcases and I wish they did more samplers because we got to see many artists perform in a short amount of time. My three favorites were Steve Means (an amazing guitarist and also wicked cute!  around $2,000), Joe Wong ($2,500) an awkward and a little inappropriate comedian but hilarious I was in stitches the entire time and Augustine ($1,400); an acoustic duo with interesting covers. I really hope we can maybe bring all three of these performers to BSU.

Next dinner=delicious (we were all starving because we didn’t get a chance to have lunch)

After dinner and some great BSU cheers we got to go to my favorite part of NACA the marketplace or “camp” I love talking to all of the vendors and performers and of course getting all of the free stuff. I am so happy that I got a Steve Means CD and some really cool novelty stuff! I can’t wait to go back to the camp and explore some more!

Spotlight Showcase 1

EMCEE: Dave and Ethan: college dating coaches, we hilarious and entertaining in between each act however now that I have seen them as emcees I’m not sure how they would work in a performance on their own.

Thick as Thieves: I was really surprised by this band because by looking at them you would never guess that they were a rap/rock band. The lead singer was a rapper and a surprisingly deep voice and other singer had a nice voice and guitar skills and the third member of the band played a bongo? drum. Overall I really enjoyed them because they entertained the crowd, were a different kind of act and sounded really good.

Brian O’Sullivan: the singing comedian. I thought his songs were really funny and inventive. I’m always impressed when people can change the lyrics to songs and make them work (kudos to our homecoming queen Meg Ryan) and he did that really well. I loved his “Where’s Waldo” song to the “Over my Head Cable Car” song by The Fray.

Baby Wants Candy: they perform improvised musicals about whatever the audience can come up with, I was really excited to see them because I saw them in February at NACA Nationals.  They are really good however their theme “toothpaste” was not the best idea.  This could potentially be a good musical or “Live” event but is a little pricey (around $5,000 normally)

Five Times August: Acoustic performer: I was very excited to see him perform again because this one man band has been on my ipod since NACA Nationals and he didn’t disappoint he might be even better live than on CD. I think he could be an excellent coffeehouse and he is around $2,000.

Adam Cayton-Holland: comedian, I loved his opening line “If you couldn’t already tell, if you cut my I bleed hip-hop!” pretty funny for the first half and then got really innappropriate towards the end.

Jada: female vocal group: when they first came on stage I was thought they looked a little like the pussycat dolls group but I was not really impressed they weren’t able to capture the crowd and entertain them, most of the time their performance seemed awkward. They were good dancers but I don’t really see them ever coming to BSU.

After spotlight showcase 1 I met up with Rachel, Lisa and Kathryn to go over our excellence in programming postion (wish us luck we present tomorrow!) and with Matt and Katelyn to go over our ed session for tomorrow (it’s called Empowering and Enhancing Your Membership). I am a little nervous but very excited!

So now I am off to bed to get rested for another jammed packed exciting day of NACA!



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