Day 1!!! :)

So I think day 1 of NACA was a HUGE success!!  I know I had a phenomenal time!  I hope everyone else is feeling the same way.

As for my ed session, it was fantastic as well!  It was entitled Leadership According to Dr. Seuss.  Basically, the presenter (forgive me I can’t remember his name and I didn’t write it down) used to read Dr. Seuss books to his kids when they were little (by little he meant age 4 and they are currently 8 and 10 years-old).  While he was reading the books, he began to discover that they contained both political statements and leadership lessons.  So for the session, he had us read Dr. Seuss books and see if we came up with the same conclusions.  The books he selected for the session were:  Horton Hears a Who, Horton Hatches an Egg, The Sneeches, The Butter Battle Book, Yurtle the Turtle, and The Lorax.  He split us up into 6 groups of 12 and gave us each a book.  My group received Horton Hears a Who.  The groups’ task was to read the book, discuss it, and then write our thoughts on a piece of poster paper.  At the end of the session, we went around the room and each group presented their ideas.  My group sat in a circle and took turn reading the book, very preschool esque J.  Some of the ideas we came up with for Horton Hears a Who were:  that a small group and a small budget can still accomplish great feats; if everyone does their job, then success is (sometimes) guaranteed; we must work together and be supportive of each other if we want to achieve success; Horton preserved to make sure that his voice and the voices’ of others were always heard.  Three things I really enjoyed about this ed session were:

  1. I really enjoyed the presenter.  He seemed down to earth and incorporated both his personal and professional life into the presentation.  This made it easier for me to take in the information and see how it could actually apply to programming and leadership.
  2. The presenter shared a lot of fun little facts about the different books we read, which I found very interesting.  For example, The Butter Battle Book, is perhaps about the cold war and the nuclear arms race, and The Sneeches might be in reaction to Hitler’s rise to power and WWII. 
  3. I really liked working in the groups, which is saying a lot because I’m not always a fan of group work.  Everyone in my group seemed to take a genuine interest in the story and the assignment.  Also, there were several different perspectives on the story, some of which I hadn’t thought of.  So it was nice to see how 1 story can be interpreted in 12 different ways.  I think this is quite true of programming in general.  We all have unique visions for an event, a committee, or a semester, and it’s all about seeing how they can fit together and accomplish a common goal.

So much more happened in this ed session.  I took notes on each group’s thoughts on their book, but I already feel like this post is going to be super long.  So, some other themes that appeared concurrent throughout the Dr. Seuss books were accepting differences, conflict resolution, collaboration, delegation, stand up for yourself and others, you get out what you put in, perseverance and faithfulness. The presenter towards the end of the session stated, “We’re all like spokes on a wheel, if one spoke falls off, then the wheel breaks and stops turning,” or something to that effect.  I found this image and comparison very powerful and inspiring to me.  First of all, I had never heard it used before.  And secondly, I think it really reflects how we work in PC and in all student activities at BSU.  We each have our own purpose and our own goals, but if we come together and work in unison, great things can happen.  Movement happens.  Change happens.  Oh by the way, in your spare time, if you have any, check out  I’ve never heard of it before, but I guess my presenter helps to run it and claims that it is a great program.

As for the rest of the day…I enjoyed a few acts from the Showcase Sampler.  I liked Xclusive because I thought his “conversations” idea was unique and really funny.  I also liked the female’s voice in the band Augustine.  I thought Joe Wong was hysterical, although some people might find his jokes offensive.  Finally, I thought Steve Means was a great act.  He had a good sound, almost smoky in a way, and a cool beat.  I particularly enjoyed his airplane cover.  More importantly, I really enjoyed going to Spotlight 1 and CAMP.  I loved the hosts, Dave and Ethan, of Spotlight 1.  They had an awesome concept with the dating tips and kept me laughing the whole night.  I loved  Brian O’Sullivan!  He was funny, even if a bit corny.  The Waldo idea was really cute, and I liked how he incorporated music and comedy together, such as with the Lindsay Lohan lyrics to the beat of Britney Spears. I thought Five Times August had a great sound, but was just okay until his Billy Jean cover, at which point I fell in love, even thought I don’t usually care for Michael Jackson.  Finally, I loved Adam Cayton-Holland.  I thought he was hilarious!  His bit about the bird at the museum of natural history was quite original, and his delivery was spectacular.  Oh and by the way, I looked it up and that person at the museum really does exist.  Haha. 

As for CAMP, I loved all of the free stuff including the teddy bear, monkey balloon hat, Red Sox/ name sign, picture inside the snow globe, and anything else I may be forgetting.  I think it would be great if we could bring a make your own BSU bear event to the campus.  I also think people would really enjoy having those complex balloon animals made for them, say in one of the dining halls while they were eating lunch.  Oh and how could I forget the matching red and black bear paw print glitter tattoos that Meg Olbrys and I got!  Those look amazing!  It’s something I have never seen before and might be interested in getting at BSU. 

Anyways, I pretty sure I’ve written way too much at this point, and I know that there is so much that I’m forgetting (ha like those trapeze artists at diner, “smaller!”).  I truly loved getting to know everyone better today, especially Meg Olbrys and Sam at CAMP!  I think those superb cheers really helped us to bond as a group!  I hope everyone had a super dee duper day and evening and is looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow!  I know I am!

See you at Starbucks in the morning!

~Loryn J

P.S.  Can we talk about how I got three boxes of crayons at CAMP?!  One of which has MICHAEL MILLER’S name on it?!  J  Gotta love NACA!  J


One thought on “Day 1!!! :)

  1. awesome post loryn! im so glad I went back to read these posts. urs brought back so much about the Dr. Seuss ed session that I went to also. It was a great session!! Loved the quote about the spokes on a wheel!
    ❤ Caitlin

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