Day 1 – Such a Great Start!

I can’t believe day 1 of NACA is already over! It was a busy, crazy day and I loved every minute of it. There was so much going on all day that my head was spinning at first, but I took in as much as I could and now I’m glad that blogging can help sort out the day and reflect on all the great things I saw. The Marketplace was INCREDIBLE. It was so cool to see so many vendors and get all these crazy ideas for events on campus. I also had so many thoughts running through my head during all the showcase performances. I can already tell I’m going to have a ton of great resources and ideas to bring back to BSU!

My Ed. Session:

“I Got Spirit, We Got Spirit, How About You?” was run by Lydia Washington, the Assistant Director of Student Activities at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The idea behind the session was to encourage organizations to find meaning within their group and to discover the importance of spirituality within one’s self and one’s organization.

I was expecting a session all about incorporating religion into organizations, but she discussed the differences between spirituality and organized religion. The session helped me realize that spirituality is very different from that. It’s more about making sure that you’re healthy mentally and a fulfilled person (she used the term “whole” a lot). Promoting spirituality just means that you have a purpose – wanting students to be satisfied, well-adjusted individuals that are getting the most out of your events and programs.

We did a triangle activity in which she asked us questions having to do with spirituality in our programming and our schools, and we had to respond with either agree, disagree, or neutral. I think this activity was really helpful in that I learned that Program Committee really is accepting of all of its members and really cares about one another, compared to some of the responses from other schools. It really made me have a lot of pride in the members of PC and the rest of the students at BSU 🙂

Finally, we got into groups and created hypothetical events with different organizations that promote spirituality. My group had the smallest budget and had to co-sponsor with religious clubs on campus. It really surprised me how I was able to take a leadership role in my group and had a lot of positive feedback on my ideas. I thought the task would be a little daunting to be honest, but we all rose to the occasion, and everyone really appreciated our event! Overall, the ed. Session was really a positive experience, and I learned quite a bit that I can take back with me to Program Committee.


Showcase #1:

Okay everyone, can I just say that I keep falling in love with every performer I see in the showcases? Spotlight Showcase #1 was awesome and full of incredible talent!

Dave and Ethan: This comedy pair was MC-ing the showcase, and in my opinion, they were the best part about the entire thing. I was laughing the entire time they were on stage, and although some of the humor was borderline inappropriate, anything that came out of their mouths had me in stitches (do people still use that phrase? Anyway…). They were fantastic MCs, and I would love to see them sometime in the future.

Thick as Thieves: These guys were amazing. They were an innovative band, but it’s hard to put them in just one genre of music. They blended pop top 40 hits with hip-hop feel that had the whole audience in awe. Also, the use of the bongos was a really unique touch. They did mash-ups of popular songs like “Airplanes” and “Billionaire” but also played their originals as well. I’d love to see them come to BSU.

Brian O’Sullivan: I wasn’t sold on this singing-comedian at first, but by the time his set was over, I was dying from laughter. He took popular songs like “Womanizer” and “Party in the USA” and parodied them and made the songs even better. Can you imagine taking a song by the Fray and making it about Where’s Waldo? Let me tell you, this guy has amazing talent, and he’s another one I’d like to see at Bridgewater.

Baby Wants Candy: I didn’t know how this one would go – an improv team that takes a random idea from the audience and makes a musical about it? It sounded a little weird, but ended up being hysterical. “Toothpaste: The Musical” was silly enough that it worked; the cast was incredibly likeable and creative. I’d definitely be interested in seeing them again because each show is something new.

Five Times August: I only have good things to say about this singer-songwriter. His mellow, pop sound might not be for everyone (although it definitely works for me!), but his charisma definitely takes center stage. You can’t help but like the guy, especially when he breaks out into an awesome cover of “Billie Jean.” He’s another act PC could consider!

Adam Cayton-Holland: This comedian’s style was a little silly and extremely random at times, but he was undeniably entertaining. I wouldn’t have thought a guy reading a conversation through e-mails about some important bird would be funny, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Jada: This girl group had some serious vocal range and crazy dance moves to match. While their style of music may not be appreciated by all, they are unquestionably talented. And really, anyone that covers the Beatles (one of my favorite bands of all time) is okay in my book.

Can’t wait to learn and see more!

Sam 🙂


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