Day 1-Stick Figure Hand

What’s going on party people?!

Today started very early, Nicole and I woke up after staying up half the night to pack. We had breakfast at the bear’s den and then we all headed out. Celeste and I had a Jam session in the car and got even more excited to go to the Gamma Phi Beta-Epsilon Eta Moolight Ball!

When we arrived at NACA we got settled in, got some Starbucks and began our day. We went to the State meetings and then had our first Ed Session. Rob and I went to a session done by Jack Gottlieb, he’s from Collegiate EmPowerent called Creating a Lasting Organizational Impact through Successful Leadership Transition and he’s great! I’ve been to an ed session with him before and he was awesome, yet again.

The session was about transitioning your organization with new leadership. He talked about how we are always the one’s to step up and part of that is that we as the leadership within our organizations and we are always trying to be understood by our general membership but really we should try to understand them. He also talked about things that we should Continue, Start and Stop in our organizations. The session was really great and was really helpful!

The Showcases and Samplers tonight were great a few awesome shout outs:

1. Francisco Ramos- He was a comedian that so funny! He reminded me of my Orientation Partner Juan de Leon. He kept saying that he tried to increase his accent around girls because girls think that accents are attractive so he keeps trying to make it thicker. So. great.

2. Steve Means- Just another Eric Simon, both are wonderful. 🙂 Steve recorded beats and then played with them, it was awesome. He played great covers and had a really great voice. I guess it helps that he’s kind of cute. 😉

3. Dave and Ethan- HILARIOUS they were amazing Emcees! SO. funny. they talked about dating and we awesome. They introduced us to three other amazing acts; Thick as Thieves(incredible, the rapper was so cute!), Brian O’Sullivan(singing comedian, he sang about Waldo, so funny!), Baby Wants Candy(Improv group that made a musical about Teeth, so great, so funny, makes me want to watch Whose Line is it Anyway!)

After some fun CAMPs, I met Wes from the Real World, and got a few fun things!  I’ll make sure I take pictures!

After a Showcase, Matt, Kelly and I worked on our presentation for our Ed Session tomorrow! It’s going to be awesome!

Seeing as it’s almost 2 it’s time to wrap this up!  Keep checking back for updates!

Peace, Love & NACA.



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