An Amazing First Day

Ed. Session I

Creating a Lasting Organizational Impact Through Successful Leadership Transition

I went to this session with Katelyn Rapoza! It was good for me to go to my first Ed. Session with an experienced NACA delegate.  She immediately told me that the presenter was really good and a favorite of hers.  As soon as we walked into the room he was really engaging.  We first watched a little intro video before the session actually began.  It was really funny and lightened the mood a lot.

When everyone got there he began by telling us a story about a Lamas class his wife was taking when she was pregnant.  He told us about how the nurse was able to make a connection to the men in the room and interact with them.  He then brought this back to the topic of the session.  He made many references to things we could identify with and then brought it back to the topic at hand.

Throughout the session we did very short group activities.  We talked about the problems we were having in our organizations/Eboards.  Most schools were having the same exact problems with communication, interactivity and continuous involvement.  He gave us some great solutions to the problems and we each made a goal to bring back to our organizations.


The REST of the day was phenomenal.  I was thought NACA was going to be a really good conference.  I was wrong.  It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  All the acts we saw today were great!  I really enjoyed each and every one of them.  Being able to experience all this with my fellow BSU students is the best.  We cheered and sang and danced and took pictures like crazy.  This Convention Center is huge and it’s really beautiful!  Everything is great.  Lots of free stuff too.

We even got mustaches on a stick! Best promotional item of alllllll time!

Be prepared RHA, I’m bringing back tons of stuff! 😀 Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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