1st Ed. Session!

“Comedy is universal.  Unlike music, comedy can appeal to everybody on campus.”-Nick DiRoma, Impact Entertainment

My first ed. session was “No Laughing Matter! How to Plan a Successful Comedy Show”.  This was a great session, which I actually really enjoyed.  I haven’t planned any large scale events that include middle agents, agents, and a big performer before, so this session definitely helped me with understanding the process. 

The quote that I started my blog with is how the entire ed. session started.  I found this to be so true because let’s be honest who doesn’t like to get together with a bunch of friends and have a few good laughs.  And now, luckily thanks to Nick DiRoma from Impact Entertainment I will now know how to put on a comedy show for Springfest flawlessly (I hope).  He broke all the steps down really easily, goals and expectations, budget and sticking to it!, choosing a wide variety of artists for a school survey, choose A and B artists according to budget and survey, bid acceptance, contracts, creating deadline/timelines, marketing, and day of!  That may seem like a lot of steps but he broke them down so easily to the point that I felt like I could plan a comedy show on the spot. 

Before this session I never knew how much goes into getting a comedian to your school.  I loved all of the little suggestions such as the “One Sheet”.  This is where you give the comedian a little bit of information about your school or town, and then the comedian can possibly work that info into their performances.  I also loved some of the marketing ideas from TCNJ such as when they had Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes come to their college.  They got a cardboard cutout of Duff holding a cake saying “I’m coming” and moved it around campus.  This is great advertisement because people would stop to take pictures with the cut out and post them to facebook I’m sure.  Then on the day of the event they changed “I’m coming” to “I’m here”.  There are definitely a lot of good things going on already with these ed. sessions and it’s only day one! I’m pumped to present tomorrow with Rachel, Lisa, and Kelly!!! Then off to more ed. sessions! 🙂


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