NACA is Hereeee!!!

Sooo I am a little late with this blog but I am sooo excited to be here at NACA!!! It feels great to be back and I am reminded by all the fun times we had last year and all of the fun times we are going to have this year. I am currently in the starbucks area with Rachel and Loryn taking advantage of the free wi-fi and I have already seen some friends that I have met through NACA. I can’t wait for more of the delegation to get here tomorrow but besides excited I am a little nervous for my two education sessions that I am presenting (one with Matt and Katelyn and the other with Jenn  and Kathryn) and for presenting for the Excellence in Programming award with Rachel, Lisa and Kathryn (hopefully make this three years in a row!). Speaking of EIP I should be working with Rachel right now to put the finishing touches on the presentation! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Yay NACA!!!!


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