So we have finally arrived at the Connecticut Convention Center but who are we?? It’s time to meet the delegates….

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Representing Program Committee

Rachel Freedenberg: President (also representing SWAT)

Kelly Harvey: Vice President of Programming

Meg Ryan: Vice President of Administration

Katelyn Rapoza: Vice President of Membership

Meghan Olbrys: Director of Marketing

Kathryn Gagnon: BSU Traditions Chair

Lisa Goodspeed: Cultural Chair

Amber Gazerro: Special Events Chair

Nicole Mason: Off Campus Adventures Chair (also representing SWAT)

Loryn Moynihan: General Member

Caitlin Casamassa: General Member

Sam Kenyon: General Member

Representing Student Weekend Activities Team

Nicole Celeste

Representing Residence Hall Association

Matt Cardillo: Program Coordinator

Rob Harrington: Public Relations Officer

Representing Student Government Association

Casey Winner: Vice President

Thanks to all of the support from the professional staff that helped get us here!

Matt Miller, Jenn DeLuca, Cindy Kane and Ed Cabellon!

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