So it’s almost time to go! wow NACA always sneaks up on me! I’m excited for presenting, but yikes! Kelly and I haven’t finished the Excellence in Programing presentation yet, so we need to finish that. I made a background but I think I might change it.. You know how the banners hang at graduation? We were going to right different things we do like leadership, campus pride, etc. but I can’t think of any good inspiring words right now and I’m not sure why. Let me know if you guys think of anything!

Also, a few ideas for the bear cave, 


  • reach out to students early especially during orientation or involvement fair to get the excited about joining your organization & bringing new ideas to it
  • When planning events make sure you delegate tasks to different members of your group – giving ownership creates better events because people get more excited about seeing their contributions
  • depending on the nature of your event, look for the possibilties to reach out to different departments/professors and ask them to promote your event in class, or even as part of a class assignment



One thought on “Fin

  1. Rachel, I love your Bear Cave ideas! As for your ed session, I’m sure everything will come together and your presentation will be wonderful! Best of luck! 🙂

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