Revised Ed Sessions

Block 1

  1. From Band Aides to Broken Bones: Managing Minor and Major Event Crises
  2. Leadership according to Dr. Seuss

 Block 2

  1. Late-Night Programming: A World of Pure Imagination
  2.  Student Activities and Residence Life: Fulfill Your Programming Potential
  3. Leave that Suitcase in the Closet: How to Begin to Change Your “Suitcase School” Culture

 Block 3

  1. From Common to Uncommon
  2. Senior Programming: A Time for Those Who Seek to Find a Way to Leave Their Alma Mater Behind

 Block 4

  1. A Totally Motivated Team: Imagine That!
  2. Big Shows for Small Schools
  3. More than a Megaphone: Marketing In An Environment of People Screaming

Block 5

  1. Integrating Traditional and Online Marketing
  2. Imagining Your New and Improved Programming Board

1 week until NACA!!!

❤ Caitlin


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