Programming Tips!

So here are some programming tips that I came up with:

1.) Co-sponsorships: Say you want to bring a big name to BSU but your budget doesn’t allow for it. Why not team up with another organization on campus. This would cut your cost in half and give you twice the man power once the event comes around.

2.) Get a Solid List of Volunteers: It is good to have a set of volunteers a good time before the event. If you can get these people to commit now they should feel pretty strong about the program and will definitely will stick to the commitment.

3.) Reminder Emails to Volunteers: Sometimes commitments can slip from your mind. That it why you should email your volunteers maybe half a week before the program and then to the night before to remind them what time and where they need to be.

4.) Keep the Program Fresh in Students Heads: You should have continuous promotion of your event. Keeping it light a few weeks out but once the event comes close start promoting the heck out of it. This will keep it fresh on the students heads. This in my opinion will draw a larger crowd to the program.

So those are my ideas! I hope that you all think that they are helpful!


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