Programming Ideas!!

Here are my delightful, short  and sweet programming ideas!

1.) Have a pep talk with your workers to get them excited about the event. You want their energy to be contagious so that those who are attending get excited for the event too!

2.) Never miss an opportunity to advertise! Create table tents, make a facebook event, print large posters and put in a central location, and most importantly, tell everyone you know about the event!

3.) Make sure you ask for help if you are running the event and can’t be stretched in 8 different directions at one. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks!

4.) Put on an event that no one has done before! Fresh out of ideas? Talk with students from other schools who are involved in programming and see what has worked and what hasn’t at their schools.

5.) Have fun, but we professional when working an event! You are representing the organization you are working for, so make sure you are being a positive representative! Have fun at the events, but make sure you are professional and respectful as well.

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