Programming Checklist

Here are some of my Programming Essentials…

1) Everyone involved must communicate with each other.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen programs fall through because of a lack of communication.  Keeping in touch with those you’re programming with is vital.

2) Set a clear list of goals.  When you know exactly what you need to do, it’s much easier to check things off then to just try and remember what you have or have not done.

3) Advertise in layers.  Start with social media like Facebook and Twitter.  Move to physical advertisements like posters, giveaways, chalking.  Finally, talk it up and send out reminders on the social media. 😀

4) Involve volunteers (people who aren’t on E-board).  Volunteers are a key part to making an event successful.  If they enjoy themselves, they’re going to tell their friends how much fun they’re having working with your organization!

Ok! I can’t believe NACA came this quickly! I’m excited to depart next Thursday! See you all tonight. 😀


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