Educate this!

Ed Sessions

So one of my favorite parts of NACA is the Educational Sessions, and this year, as expected, they are looking pretty great, especially with all the BSU session! (go us!)

The 1st ed session is the one I’m most interested in going to.

Ed Sesh 1: Day 1: 3:00-4:00pm

“Life Is Too Short To Do The Things You Suck At!” Okay so, I’ve gone to a College EmPowerment session before, and it was absolutely great.  I feel like this session is a great way to rethink my outlook on somethings, and really focus on what’s important.

During this block there is also “Leadership According to Dr. Seuss,” which, I mean it’s the doctor, how could you go wrong? As well as the “I Got Spirit, We Got Spirit, How About You?”session, which, I love spirit, and especially with the new DOCP  position, could really help me to bring back a lot of good ideas, but EmPowerment is still my first choice.

Ed Sesh 2: Day 2: 9:00-10:00am

During this block I was thinking about watching the  other presentations for Excellence In Programming… or these ed. sessions seemed interesting too!

“Leave the Book, Take the Cannoli” I think this session sounds interesting because it’s always important to learn how to build (lasting) connections with people, even if you only speak to them once in a while.

“Late Night Programming: A World of Pure Imagination” also sounds beneficial; I know we sometimes struggle with late-night weekend programming, so this could be an interesting presentation to see what types of solutions they have to offer.

Ed Sesh 3: Day 2: 10:10-11:10am

Excellence In Programming! Kelly, Kathryn, Lisa and I will be presenting, woo!

Ed Sesh 4: Day 3: 9:00-10:00

“The Mind Never Forgets What the Heart Remembers” or “Leadership for the Text Generation”

Ed Sesh 5: Day 3: 10:10-11:10am

SWAT will be presenting about our fantastic weekends, obvi, word, holler.

Next order of business: An Event I’d Like To See…

 I was looking through the NACA Booklet and 61syx Technique sounds really interesting, they’re a dance group and they are preforming during the Spotlight 4. We don’t ever host any dance groups, so it could be a cool thing for us to try and a great way to attract other clubs attention for co-sponsoring.

–Posted by Rachel. wordup. Freedenberg

ALSO – stuck in my head on this day.. “I’m the cream of the crop, I rise to the top…” Anyone know the song?!


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