Programing ideas easy as 1,2,3,4 (5)

Here’s my Programing tips =):

1. Have the people who attend your event walk away with something more than just a great experience. Something that makes your event personal and memorable. For example, if you are having a cultural event have a sort of favor to give out. There is this video I saw in my management class where a Stop and Shop bager would put a nice note and something inspirational in each shoppers bag. Soon enough, that baggers line was always the longest. People were happy to wait in his line in order to get a personal note. Make your event that event that people don’t mind standing in line and waiting for.

2. Change Volunteers (workers) around. This way they don’t get bored and keep on their feet. Every person entering your event deserves the best welcome.

3. Have workers wear one key item to their dress (simple name tag or same shirt) to show unity and separate workers from attendees. This helps those who are attending be aware of whom to ask questions at.

4. Have Music playing outside your event to draw people’s attention and bring people in. A huge amount of your audience can be gathered and introduced to the event right before the event starts.

5. (Just in case one of the four was weak lol). Leave a suggestion Event Box. What better way to see what your audience wants?


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