Programming Ideas!

Hello all,

Here are my 4 lovely and innovative programming tips!

1. Besure to thank every outside vendor and person you are working with after the event. Yes, you are paying them, but it’s nice to send a heartfelt thanks.  For Example: if you are working with an agency with a performer, after the event send an email to the person at the agency you were working with, just saying: “Thanks for all your help, the event was awesome! Hope to work with you again soon! Simple, but effective.”

2. Remember to keep all of your workers informed, if they don’t know what kind of event they are working at how are they supposed to get people to go/know what’s going on.

3. Remember to stay flexible. Events are not going to go PERFECTLY, but if you allow yourself to make some mistakes you will stay flexible enough to make it awesome!

4. Advertise other events at your event, if you support other people’s events then they will support yours and that makes for a happier more involved campus. 🙂

Hope that everyone’s school swap stuff is coming along wonderfully, don’t forget to keep working on it! we have to bring back an award for that!

NACA is so soon!  Get Psyched!

Peace, Love & NACA.



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