Programming Tips!

1. Greet all the people who come to the events. Make them feel comfortable and not feel out of place because they are not a member of your programming group. If they feel comfortable they are more likely to come to other events.

 2. If a huge problem arises at your event, just stay calm and figure out what to do. If you are not calm then your workers will be freaking out as well. Just stay calm and figure out what you have to do to make the night go on! 

3. Advertise early for your event. Do not advertise when there are only a couple days until the event. Advertising early will allow people time to keep their schedule open so they can come to the event.

4. Thank the workers that came to help you make the event a success. Knowing that they are appreciated for helping out will make them want to help out at more events. You can’t have an event without workers!

 Here are my programming tips. I will update my ed sessions later!! Almost time for NACA!!! yay



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