Programming Advice from Amber

Hey guys

so have you ever had a question about programming and thought to your self who could i ask. Well you could ask me or any of the other people attending NACA.

Here are a few tips on programming:

1. Keep you contracts and order forms in order to assure that you have all the info you need and then you will figure out if you need anything.

2. Make sure if you have a list of workers that you email them atleast 2 times before the event. So that they arrive on time and actually arrive.

3. Have everything done before the day of the event so that you will not be rushing around, like a chicken with no

4. Confirm that you have a space to hold the event before book performers, catering, and send out flyers.

These are i few things that i have learned in my job working with other clubs and working with Program Committee. I hope they can be of some help. Im am always here to help.. ENJOY!!


One thought on “Programming Advice from Amber

  1. i agree with having everything done before the actual day of the event. it is sooo crazyyy running around haha i have done it many times lol

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