Water Field Day event idea! You know you love it!

Last year I attempted at doing a field day event for special events within PC (it didn’t go over too well, we had to be inside due to the rain).  But I would love to do this late in the school year as a way for students to destress during finals week in the second semester.  This wouldn’t be a normal field day, but a water filled field day.  Many of the inflatable companies now have water inflatables.  These range from giant slip and slides to giant wave slides and even water games.  We in the past have been able to get  multiple inflatables in a package deal, so I could see this as a potential program.  This is also a program that could be co-cponsored by reslife and housing, program committee, sga, etc. as a way for students to unwind during finals week.  One other idea to go along with an inflatable could be a dunk tank where we can get different professors or staff on campus to sit in on the dunk tank.  I don’t know about most of you, but anything that is a throw back to my child hood I love, so with a giant slip and slide it’s even better!


3 thoughts on “Water Field Day event idea! You know you love it!

  1. I love this idea!!! Slip and Slides are sooo much fun!! You could even do like a fundraiser with the dunk tank. I know that at a fair I went to they had a dunk tank where teachers from the school in the town were being dunked and they raised money for a guy who has cancer.

    Great idea Kathryn!

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