Sorry this is so late! Event Idea

Hey Everyone,

Sorry this post is so late I got caught up with homecoming and for some reason this past week and a half my professors started to really pile on the work and of course it was Homecoming (which was amazing! Great Job Kathryn, Sam, Caitlin and Maureen! and Congrats Meg Ryan!).  Anyway I have been trying to really rack my brain for event ideas I really like all of the ideas that people have been posting and my idea is not really that specific.  My idea for an event is to kind of do a similar event to Winter Meltdown or Here Comes the Sun, basically reserve the entire campus center and have a different thing in each room, the difference is a different club will be in each of the rooms and will sponsor an event.  This I think would be a great collaboration between many different clubs and I think we would get a great turnout because each club could bring in their own crowd!

Yay NACA! Get excited!



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