I had no idea there were that many sessions available! There are so many to choose from! I was able to narrow it down to 5 sessions though. Here they are 🙂

The first is From Band-Aids to Broken Bones: Managing Minor and Major Event Crises. You never know what’s going to happen at an event. I know I’ve heard of some occasions where things didn’t go as planned at our own events. I think this would be interesting to learn what to do if a problem arises and maybe come up with a way to relay the information back to PC so everyone is prepared.

Next, Leave That Suitcase in the Closet! How to Begin to Change Your “Suitcase School” Culture seems like it would be a good session to attend. I definitely think we have this on campus. It will be beneficial to learn how to change this image and attitude about BSU.

The next session I’m interested in is What’s Important to you? Lifetime goals and bucket lists! I want to attend this one because making goals is something I always have trouble with. My follow through on them is not the best. I know we have SMART goals that we’ve been working on, but I feel like learning more about setting goals will make me less hesitant on making them and following through with them.

The next session actually has something to do with my position in PC, it’s called More than a megaphone- Marketing in an environment of people screaming. It sounds like their’s going to be some modern ways of marketing on campus. The description says “start communicating in a way that will make people want to stop and listen.” I feel like that’s something we could work on when marketing our events. It’s one thing to tell people about events, it’s another to have them listen to you when you tell them about it!

The last session is Integrating Traditional and Online Marketing. This is another Marketing session that can be used to benefit PCs marketing system. Maybe there are some new things I can learn to bring to PC so everyones events are advertised to all of BSU!

I’m excited for NACA in 2 weeks! It’s going to be a lot of fun and just from looking at all the descriptions of the ed sessions it should be interesting learning all these great new things!


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