So Many Ed Sessions, SO LITTLE TIME.

Hello All,

So I was looking through all of the ed sessions and found it really difficult to pick just one from each section. So I’ve picked atleast one or two for each so that way we can all spread ourselves out as much as we can so that we can collect as much information as we can.

(before I go on, I’m reminising about last year’s NACA and I’m listening to Javier-OK here’s the truth. if you haven’t heard this song, LISTEN IT’S INCREDIBLE.)

Anyway, Ed sessions.

Block One:

Community Service Programs; Giving back while getting Students Connected
Come learn about programs that give back to others while connecting students to their institution. This session will focus on ideas, resources, and techniques that help students understand that being involved is beneficial for themselves and the community around them.

A Walk in Our Shoes
Is student activities programming your destiny? Join two new professionals, a student activities advisor and an associate, for a discussion about both areas, your strengths or weaknesses in them, and your best potential fit for the future!

The first one is one that I chose for my position for PC, for those of you who do not know what it is, I’m the Vice President of Membership, I basically keep in touch with the members, make sure they understand what’s going on, etc. I also keep track of our points system, what that is is everyone in PC gets points for working events, doing office hours, etc. So with the help of my two assistants (shout out to Kara & Rachel! 🙂 ) WE keep up with all of the points, also we hold people accountable for not doing what they are asked of while being a PC member. That’s why I think this first Ed session will be interesting for me to go to because I am curious to see what other schools do.

The second one grabbed my attention because I am leaning toward a career in student affairs, and that may be a good session to go and get some more information on it.

Block Two:

PRESENTING, yessahhhh.

Block Three:

What’s Important to you? Lifetime goals and bucket lists!
Are you a student leader who wants to set goals but has no idea where to start? This program is for you. After today’s session you will have over ten goals set for you college career as well as your lifetime.

Building and Empowering a Strong Committee
The success of a committee lies within their leader; learn how to structure, motivate, guide and reward your committee members. Building a dedicated, enthusiastic, driven and integrated team will provide your committee with the skills to empower and lead others.

Conflict Resolution-Conflict is Good? It Really Can Be.
Conflict is good? Some might wonder how this can be. During our time together, we shall discuss conflict as it really is – something that always happens in groups and something that can have positive results if managed correctly. We’ll share ideas and thoughts on the topic and then some tips to make conflict work for you – and end up improving your organization’s communication and impact.

Sooooo, there are three for this one. The first one is about goal setting which I think is really important, especially with trying to make some changes to PC, goals are important.

The second one kind of goes along with my position again, it’s about rewarding and motivating members, always something that is needed.

The last one is about conflict, I think this one could be really beneficial to go to because it’s something that PC doesn’t experience TOO much, but I think going to a session on it will be good for when something does happen, we’ll know how to handle it correctly.

Block Four:

Build Your Professional Portfolio Through NACA
Volunteering for an association should always contribute to your professional development. During this session, you will determine what you need to round out your professional development experience through the “Steps to Individual Excellence as a Campus Activities Professional.” You’ll then discover the volunteer positions and activities NACA has to offer to help build your professional skill set. Both regional and national opportunities, including timelines and duties, will be outlined to help you find the best fitting experience.

This one sounds really interesting because Matt had talked to me on a few occasions about volunterring at NACA, and I think that this could really help me get my foot in the door at with student affairs as well as making an effort to start working more closely with NACA.

Block Five:

Imagining Your New and Improved Programming Board
Are you feeling like something about your programming board is just not working? If so, it may be time to reassess the structure of your organization. In this interactive session, participants will learn about the reorganization process that the Sarah Lawrence Programming Board recently went through, as well as how it could work on other campuses.

Make the Most of YOUR NACA Experience: A Stepping Stone to a Career!
Love attending NACA and want to learn more beyond the conference? Want our job?! Learn how to maximize your time here at NACA and take advantage of your programming board experience to create your own stepping stone to a career!

The first one I mentioned could be one that PC could really benefit from, we are trying to restructure the way things work, and I think that this ed session could be a great learning experience for those of us who are trying to restructure PC.

The second one, again, goes along with the career in Student Affairs/NACA. I think that this one is particularly appealing because it’s about creating a stepping stone now, which is always great. “The longest journey starts one step at a time.”

Whew! that was a long entry, congrats to anyone who reads through that alllll, gah.

(that was longer than some of the essays I have written, again why I am considering a career in Student Affairs and not something like English.)

Welp, See you all tonight!

2 weeks!

Peace, Love & NACA.



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