NACA sessions….

When looking at the sessions that NACA had to offer, a lot jumped out to me and spiked my interest.
Day 1 Ed Session
Leadership According to Dr. Suess  :  Surprised Dr. Seuss is the center of a program on Leadership? This great American writer of over 60 children books was actually teaching lessons on a much larger scale than you can imagine. It is not just about a cat in hat.
Day 2 Ed Session
Late-Night Programming: A World of Pure Imagination
     Do college students end their nights at 10 pm on the weekends? No, then why should the programming. Learn about the importance of providing late night events for students and how to challenge the campus culture at your school.
Day 3 Ed Session
A Totally Motivated Team- Imagine That!
     No one seems excited anymore. Members aren’t coming to meetings like they should. If everyone would do what you ask, just imagine what you could accomplish. The easy answer to this dilemma – motivation. Come learn about why motivation is important, identify motivators for others and yourself, and find out how to take steps to motivate your group to succeed. Let’s all get motivated – YIPPEE!
Day 4 Ed session
Imagining Your New and Improved Programming Board
     Are you feeling like something about your programming board is just not working? If so, it may be time to reassess the structure of your organization. In this interactive session, participants will learn about the reorganization process that the Sarah Lawrence Programming Board recently went through, as well as how it could work on other campuses.
There is so many i wanted to do. I had a hard time picking. But these sounded like fun and i would enjoy then. I can gain a lot from theses and bring them back to BSU!!

3 thoughts on “NACA sessions….

  1. Ambizzle! (idk… :/)

    Dr. Seuss- I was psyched for this one last time & it completely let me down. we did no activity…nothing. Maybe they improved it and that’s why they are back, I hope so.

    I also picked:
    A Totally Motivated Team – Imagine That!
    Imagining Your New and Improved Programming Board

    I have a few others to pick from for that section too.

    I think I definitely need to go to the Totally Motivated Team one. Something I need as VPM possibly.

    Those sound great!
    There are 5 Ed Sessions so don’t forget your last one! (:


  2. I love the A Totally Motivated Team- Imagine That! and Imagining Your New and Improved Programming Board. These are things that everyone always needs to know “just incase” a change needs to be made immediately.

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