More about Ed. Sessions!

After looking through the long list of all the educational sessions, there were a bunch that stuck out to me and really sounded like they would give me something to bring back to Bridgewater and apply it here. The ones I found most interesting?

1) “Leave that suitcase in the closet! How to begin to change your “suitcase school” culture.”

I think that BSU has gotten a really bad rep for being a suitcase school because so many students often go home on the weekends. I think this session could be really informative on how to fix that!

2) “Leadership According to Dr. Seuss”

Who didn’t grow up with Dr. Seuss and instantly fall in love with all his classics? This could definitely be a fun ed session that leaves everyone with a positive message while allowing us to indulge our inner child.

3) “A Totally Motivated Team – Imagine That!”

There’s nothing better than improving team morale and spirit within and organization. This could be a good session to learn how to get everyone on campus more excited about what we do, and especially make members of our groups more enthusiastic about what we do!

Getting more excited for NACA with each post,

Sam 🙂


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