holy bajesus so many sessions.

Hi friends!

So when I first started to look over the ed-sessions I was feeling a little overwhelmed. But I finally narrowed it down. Sooooo here they are:  🙂

Block 1:

Community Service Programs; Giving back while getting students connected:  11/4/2010 3:00PM-4:00PM.   I think this ed session would be really fun to go to because not only can we all use this information in PC but also in other organizations on campus. I think it is very important to have programs that also give back to others. PC should not only be focused on what our students and faculty can get out of the program, but what others can too…. for example, I’m doing a homelessness event in which we are going to have a food drive and a blanket making session, which will all be donated to a local shelter.

Block 2:

Student Activities and Residence Life: Fulfill Your Programming Potential: I think this would be very important for me to attend because I am also a Resident Assistant, and this would be a great way for me to learn how to market to residents too. 🙂

Block 3:

Building and Empowering A Strong Committee:As some of you may see, many PC members are not excited anymore….or at least don’t show it anymore. I think I especially need help with motivating people in my subcommittee to do things. I think cultural is overlooked sometimes, and if each member of the subcommittee was very motivated, we could accomplish great things, and could become a better asset to PC. I definitely think I NEED to go to this one. 🙂

Block 4:

Big Shows For Small Schools:  11/6/2010 9:00AM-10:00AM.  I think this would be an awesome session! (just like every other session I have picked). I think that many of us want to see a concert come to BSU, and from this session, we could make it happen! Many people have been asking me how they would get a bigger name performer to campus, and this session would give me tips and tricks to making it possible.

Block 5:

Just Imagine: Creative Ways to Avoid Road Blocks in Diversity Programming:   11/6/2010 10:10AM-11:00AM.   So, just as I was thinking that NACA had very few cultural sessions, I stumbled upon this one. 🙂  I think this session would help my position greatly, and would give me great ideas to bring back to my subcommittee. Since we are planning for next semester, this would be a great start to new ideas! Its perfect for me 🙂 Thanks NACA.

So, that is all I think…

I can’t make the meeting tonight because I am on duty. 😦   Don’t have too much fun without me. 🙂


One thought on “holy bajesus so many sessions.

  1. I agree with you. PC members are just not as excited about PC as they used to be. We need to change that! I think the ed session will really help us learn how to make everyone just as excited as we are about PC!!

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