Ed. Sessions! Wooo!

So, I’ve been going over the ed. sessions and trying to pick out the one’s that I REALLY want to go to because lets be serious there are a lot that look amazing!  I finally narrowed it down though, and am wicked pumped about my choices. 

     The first ed. session I want to go to is because of Springfest and our comedian.  “No Laughing Matter! How to plan a successful major comedy show” on 11/4/2010 from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM is my first choice simply because they explain this as helping to plan a comedy show for pretty much any budget, and with the current budget for Springfest I want to utilize it the best I can.  Also, even though attendance is usually amazing at these events I want to find the best and most resourceful ways to advertise for the comedian, so this is the prefect place to start!

     The next day I have two choices which I’m having trouble choosing between: “Imagine That! Implementing Successful Collaborations” and “Leave that suitcase in the closet! How to begin to change your “suitcase school” culture.”  I believe both of these sessions are big deals here on the BSU campus.  First, of course, co-sponsorship needs to happen more and “Imagine That!” tells how to create stronger bonds between organizations, and then since BSU is known as a “suitcase school” and events sometimes can be a struggle due to this it’s important as well.  Any ideas on which would be a better ed. session for me would be wonderful!

I’m starting to get so excited about NACA! I can;t wait to go and learn all of these new ideas to bring back to campus!!!!


3 thoughts on “Ed. Sessions! Wooo!

  1. Those Ed sessions sound awesome! I saw the implementing successful collaborations session and I want to go so badly but unfortunately I am giving an ed session at that time so if you do go to that one could you let me know how it goes?

    Both of the second day ed sessions you picked sound really interesting and I think we could learn alot from both!

  2. I definitely like the ed sessions that you picked because they’re really relevant to BSU, especially the suitcase school one. Hopefully we can change that about Bridgewater though!

  3. I find it interesting how similar our interests for ed sessions are. Although I didn’t write about it in my post, I thought the session about comedians sounded great, too! I think it’d be fun and definitely help us at PC becuase our budget isn’t tremendously huge. And, comedians are my favorite type of performance to see! Also, I was really interested in the suitacse session, too. BSU is like a ghost town on weekends. I try to stay as much as I can, but sometimes it hard to find entertainment…and food! 🙂

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