ed sessions

For the first day of ed sessions I had two that I was interested in.

1. Leadership According to Dr. Seuss. I loved his books when I was little! I think it will be really interesting to see how his books are about leadership. Plus its always great to learn leadership skills!!

2. From Band-Aids to Broken Bones: Managing Minor and Major Event Crises. I think this is a great ed session as well. After all the drama at the pageant I think I handled it all pretty well. But I think this would be a great session to learn about other ways to handle situations that may come up at other events in the future.

Day 2 of Ed Sessions!

Hmm ok for Day 2 I narrowed it down to 3 potentials.

1. Leave that suitcase in the closet! I think it will be great to learn about how to change things on campus to bring the campus community closer!

2. From Common to Uncommon- I think that this a great session. Learning about how to bring events at night and how to make even the day time events bigger and better is important! I really like this session.

3. Senior Programming- I think this is a great ed session to attend because senior year is really important and great events can make the year much more memorable. We should show our pride for the seniors and give them a year full of events they will never forget!

Day 3: Again here are my top 3.

1. Big Shows for Small Schools- I think that a big show on campus would be really exciting. Everyone always talks about wanting one so why not learn how to give the campus what they want.

2. More than a Megaphone- I think marketing is so important. We do a great job with marketing but learning fresh new ideas is always helpful and fun!

3. A Totally Motivated Team- I love PC. And when I see members who are not as excited about PC and events we have like I am, I wonder how I can change that. I think this would be a great ed session as well to get members excited. We can learn how to make members love PC as much as we all do!!

Ok so I think thats all for now. Wow, so many ed sessions to choose from but just so little time. So excited for NACA!! Yay!! See you all tonight!



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