Ed Sessions =)


For the Ed Sessions:

I have been looking on the website and there are so many good ed sessions at this conference and I have a couple options for each of the different sessions

11/4: 3-4pm: A Walk in Our Shoes–I think this could be a very informational session because I am hoping to go into student affairs and possibly student activities!
Weighing the Risk–this is something that I think PC is struggling a little bit with because we have been getting comfortable with our events and series and I think going to this session I could learn ways to try new risky things with our events
From Band-Aids to Broken Bones: Managing Minor and Major Event Crises: This sounds like an interesting session because sometimes it seems like a crisis happens and we do not know what to do, in this session I could learn tips and I think that this is information that can be brought back and shown to programmers before the crisis happens.
11/5: 9-10am I am presenting the Empowering and Enhancing Your Membership with Matt Miller and Katelyn Rapoza =)

However I saw this ed session, Imagine That! Implementing Successful Collaborations, and I am really interested in this session but I cannot go! So if anyone is interested in this session and wants to attend please let me know how it goes!

Also I also saw Leave that suitcase in the closet! How to begin to change your “suitcase school” culture  and I think that this describes our school pretty well and again I cannot attend but I think this would definitely be an ed session well worth attending.
11/5: 10-11am:The Art of Networking: This ed session really caught my attention because with applying to grad schools I have been trying really hard to network with the different schools that I am applying to, this is also an important skill that you use through your life. Although I don’t think this is my first choice because BSU’s own Ed Cabellon and I could ask him about the session.

Conflict Resolution-Conflict is Good? It Really Can Be. : When I first saw this I immediately thought of the Leadership Summit at Stonehill this year where I heard that conflict is good for an organization and I have been wondering how we can implement this in PC so I think this session could really help me get started with this concept.  Plus Michael Miller is presenting and I love him!
Senior Programming: A time for those who seek to find..A way to leave their alma mater behind! : I saw this one and I was a little interested in this because I am a senior and I haven’t heard of anything that has been done for seniors yet so if I do go to this ed session I would love to bring back some of these ideas to the senior class and maybe give them some new ideas!

11/6 9-10am I am presenting Re-Imagining your Campus Traditions with Jenn Deluca and Kathryn Gagnon =)
11/6: 10-11: Infinite Possibilities: Low Cost Programming: This is an interesting Ed session because we do not have that large of a budget and we are constantly trying to give more event ideas without them having large budgets.  

Just Imagine: Creative Ways to Avoid Road Blocks in Diversity Programming: I think this could be potentially be a very good ed session because we do have a lot of diversity among students at BSU and sometimes diversity programming can be difficult.

Work/Life Balance? Let’s do something about it: This topic is something that I and I know many other leaders at BSU struggle with, however, OSIL’s own Cindy Kane is presenting this ed session so I could also ask her about it.
So those are the ed sessions I am looking at I am really torn between a couple of them so let me know what you guys think of them!

Getting so excited for NACA



One thought on “Ed Sessions =)

  1. I was looking at the “suitcase school” session also! I wonder if the info they give would work here. Maybe my 6th option for an event to attend.

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