ed sessions!!

Ok so I wasn’t sure how many ed sessions we were supposed to be writing about, so I just picked one for each day. Cool!

Ok so day 1- 11/4/10

A Walk in Our Shoes…

This session sounds interesting because I had never really thought about having a career in student activity programming as they refer to it as, so I think it could be cool to learn about it.  I also like how the presenters are from 2 different areas of student programming so I think that gives a cool spin to the presentation, seeing the profession from two different aspects.

next on 11/5/10.

The Art of Networking.

I am super psyched for this session, because everyone during your college career is always talking about networking.  “It’s all about networking, you gotta network network network!”  But the problem is, no one ever tells you the proper way to do it.  I think this session will be very useful both during the conference and during the rest of our time as students.  Not to mention if I go on this certain endeavor in the spring semester (knock on wood) then it will be extremely useful there too! woo yay for learning how to network!!!!

Ok last session I picked…if I was supposed to pick more, then I do have some alternatives up my sleeve 🙂

What do George Clooney, Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Phelps have in common?

This session sounds like it would be very helpful, because I think we’ve all been in a situation when we’ve had to turn something negative into something positive.  I am all about learning from past mistakes or challenges as this session will discuss, so it will be interesting to learn what Erin Roberts and Erin Morell have to say about it!

Thats all for now, can’t wait to attend these sessions!!



2 thoughts on “ed sessions!!

  1. Mason!
    Such a great session about networking, it is so important! The more you familiarize yourself with it the better off you are. And love the idea of the last session.

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