I am an avid planner for Program Committee. So when i was asked to post an event i was every excited and the event juices just started flowing.  The first thing that came to my mind was a day to celebrate the 90’s. im not sure what i would call it but mostly everyone who goes to school here was either born int he 90’s or grew up in the 90’s.

 My idea is to have organizations  sponsor a room with an event that has to do with the 90’s. For example, show a 90’s movie, play 90’s games and listen to 90’s music. It had an endless amount of possibilities. I thnk it would be a successful event because its a great way to get the organizations names out there and to get to know a bunch of different people that you may not know that you have things in common with.

I want to actually do this event next semester. It sounds like fun! Get Psyched!


2 thoughts on “I LOVE PROGRAMMMING!

  1. I like this idea! It would be a lot of fun especially since most of the student were 90s kids! Love a good throwback 🙂

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