Wicked Late. :D

Sorry for the epic lateness. It’s been a long weekend. 😛

Well, for a program on campus that I’ve always wanted to see, it would have to be a concert from a well-known band.  Ideally t.A.T.u., but that’s just my dream.

Of course, concerts are always very expensive, but I’m sure we could find somebody for a reasonable price.  Bringing a big name to campus would obviously attract hundreds if not thousands of people. I’d love to see someone famous here before I graduate.

Realistically, I’d like to see a traveling act come and perform in the RCC Auditorium.  I don’t know how much an act like Cirque du Soleil costs, but I think it would be pretty awesome.  Perhaps my head is in the clouds, but I’d like to see some impressive stuff here.


4 thoughts on “Wicked Late. :D

  1. I used to LOVE t.a.t.u. back in the day! It might not be the most realistic idea, but it’s definitely an awesome one!!

  2. I love the idea of a concert, our problem is that we don’t have the proper place to put a concert, believe me, PC has tried. Juan de Leon is trying his hardest also, haha. That’s the only part that stinks but anything is possible, let’s try and work something like that out. 😉

  3. Hahahaha. Well they broke up over a year ago, but before that they put on a concert at UCSB for $10,000. It was a small club setting, so a big venue wouldn’t be necessary. I’ll keep dreaming for now. 😛

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