Oh Hey! WordPress finally let me on!

So this is a little late but better wicked late than never!


My name is Casey Winner and I am currently a Senior here at Bridgewater State University. This will be my FIRST time attending NACA as a Student Government Association representative. Last year I was lucky enough to represent Program Committee as we went on to receive the “Excellence in Programming” award for the second year straight (aka Back-a-to-back-a Naca). To all you new comers you will certainly be hearing certain things that I am sure you have not heard before. Phrases like “showcases” and “NACAsackas (things that you wear around your neck that holds everything valuable to you) are important to know as you enter into this fun filled and exciting planning phases of NACA.

The fact that there will be more people than ever attending this conference representing BSU, it is sure to be a sight to be seen. Last year we brought the “noise” with a smaller amount of people. This year? We will be heard across the whole convention center from the lobby of the Marriot all the way up to the lavish and tranquil spa and jacuzzi. And did I say anything about food? Well, no not yet and that is why I am going to bring it up.

Our only eating downfall last year was Quiznos. Imagine that? To some people Quizno’s is like the upper enchilada of food but NOT FOR US. At this conference we get dined to the max whether it was herb encrusted chicken or a petite lemon tart served on a small garnished platter, WE HAD IT ALL. I would like to bring up one of the highlights in my culinary experience at NACA and that would be the Cuban Sandwich I had at the food court. DA BOMB DIGGITY NO DOUBT. My only hope is that instead of eating 2, I will eat three this time around plus blog and tweet about it more than ever before.

For now NACA-teers

-C$ Out


2 thoughts on “Oh Hey! WordPress finally let me on!

  1. Casey! I am so glad we are going to NACA again!!! I cannot wait and I completely forgot about the food! we need to go to that restaurant with those giant grilled cheese sandwichs haha

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