My Event Idea

For my event I wold actually bring something to BSU that RHA had actually though of doing at the beginning of the semester but the plans fell through. TjohnE Productions offers this outdoor skydiving experience. I think that this would be an awesome thing to bring to BSU because it is nothing that I have ever seen before. I think that it would bring a lot of students out and would create a lot of interest in RHA. I know that they actually do this at a pretty reasonable price too. I know that there is a lot in the rider that would have to be looked into but I definitely think that it would be a possibility with enough planning.

Now I actaully want to do this haha. Im going to start to look and see if we can get them to come in the spring. Let me guys know what you think!

Would you want to try outdoor skydiving?
check out this link for more information


6 thoughts on “My Event Idea

  1. Matteo,
    I would love to do this! I want to do real sky diving, and I know of lot of other people that would too. I think this would be a great event and would get a large attendance!

  2. Skydiving sounds AWESOME! I have always wanted to do like real skydiving but its just way too expensive, so this would be a cool way to allow people like me to do it who can’t really afford it. right on with the skydiving!

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