event idea :)

So, I am totally and completely in love with Bruno Mars. love, love, love him. So, I think that a wonderful event would be to have him come to BSU and perform with Mike Posner. We should have a huge concert that could be in place of an event during springfest. I know that this would be super duper expensive, but a girl can dream, right? I think that this event would get a large crowd, and most of the campus population would love to come.

Another event I was thinking of was to do a huge block party and pool party in place of the springfest carnival. We thought of this idea at the PC retreat in our small groups. I think that having a block party instead of the carnival would be awesome. The carnival rides are fun, dont get me wrong, but I think a block party would attract more attention and keep attendants there for a longer period of time. Then, after the block party, students and faculty could go to a pool party. This may even decrease the attendance of students at off campus parties.

I know that the concerts would be ridiculously expensive, but they would be amazing. But if the concerts are too crazy of an idea, I think the block party and pool party would be awesome to do. 🙂

That is all for now friends,

Happy Homecoming!


2 thoughts on “event idea :)

  1. Love the Block Party idea especially when we were talking about it at the retreat. We should share some of the ideas with everyone for springfest next semester!

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