Idears for the bears

There are a few events I’ve been looking into doing that would bring the crowd in. First, we should have a last comic standing competition. The prize: being able to open for this year’s SPRINGFEST COMMEDIAN!!!! The audience votes and gets a real say of who the opener is. Friends will come from all over to help make their friends dream come true. I can’t take full credit for this, my friend Sean who does comedy actually came up with the idea. He explained how he would love to see a peer up there talking and joking about everyday BSU student’s experience. Of course we will develop guidelines and structure the event properly for this big opportunity; but bringing this type of competition to campus shows that BSU programs can offer students once in a life time opportunities.

                My second idea would be to do a mardi gras night club night. We can provide a safe environment dance party open to the entire campus. I have a great band in mind that plays current music like Lady Gaga to hit’s like “Don’t stop Believing”. The live music insinuates the atmosphere. It can be up in the large ball room and we could perhaps do a “cover charge”. I incorporated the mardi gras idea to perhaps develop a cultural event. The masks and the decorations would be a great opportunity for creativity.

                Next, SWAT has been renting the room for Football Games and Baseball games but why not focus on power shows. So every Tuesday Night there was an event to watch “Glee” on the big screen. We can provide food and Prizes like “Glee “Soundtrack” or itunes gift cards. If this event wants to be focused for SWAT we could do “Second Chance Gleeathon” and every Friday, Saturday or Sunday hold an event rearing the episode that people may have missed or want to see again on a big screen rather than their laptops.

                Finally, we can do a competition based off of “Who wants to be a millionaire”….for every right answers or get to a certain point they could win a certain prize. Like the first point can offer $25 to the bookstore the last a big screen t.v. All players who attend will be entered into a raffle to play. Three would be chosen and take their chance at becoming a “BSUonair”.


3 thoughts on “Idears for the bears

  1. Nicole! I love those ideas! We have actually been talking about possibly doing a comedian series for next semester! and I really like the second chance gleeathon and the mardi gras night club, that might take a little to get going but I think the first two we can start at any time!

  2. Nicole! These ideas are terrific! Love the Glee one even though I don’t want the show! haha we could do a jersey shore one too..and whatever else someone would consider to be a “power show”.

  3. YES! I love the glee party. I’d be there in a heartbeat…and if I had enough time. hahaha. But I think it’s great. The Mardi Gras one might take a little effort, but great ideas, you over achiever you. 🙂

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