Hey guys, name’s Nicole MASON (2 Nicole’s I’m the mason one) 🙂 I am a junior, and a corporate communication major with a minor in public relations, fun stuff I know! oh and I am representing SWAT!! wooo go weekends!

Ok so I’m wicked pumped to be representing SWAT!  I’m also part of Program Committee, and if you said to me this time last year that I would be an e-board member for PC and a SWAT advisor and attending/presenting at NACA I probably would have just laughed in your face (in a nice funny ha -ha way though).  So to say these organizations have changed my life would be an understatement.  Before joining PC I didn’t even know they put on half the events we do, and I also had no idea what actually went into planning an event.  Its been really cool to learn about programming and things so that is a perfect Segway to my first point of why I’m looking forward to NACA!

1.  I really want to learn how other schools plan their events, what kinds of brainstorming they do, and what other schools have done in the past for programs.  I think we could get some really cool programming ideas from other schools, and we can learn how we can improve the programs we put on now.  Just because another school has done the same event every year and they don’t think much of it anymore, to us it could be totally new and exciting.  So hearing from other schools is something I’m really looking forward to. 

2.  Next thing I’m pumped for is just meeting new people.  Not only the other delegates that are coming from BSU, because I’m excited to get to know everyone better!  But it will definitely be fun to meet students from other schools(we may even get new Facebook friends out of this conference!!) 

3.  Ok last one this post is getting long…FREE STUFF!   I basically love free stuff so this is just very exciting for me.  I will admit the whole bargaining for things does scare me a little, because that’s usually my mom who bargains for things not me, but I think I’ll be alright 🙂 After all we’re just swapping t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Ok thats all for now, leave some comments and I’ll see you all tonight!



2 thoughts on “NACA…hollaaaaa!

  1. I almost mentioned that I was excited about free stuff! But it’s going to be fun meeting all those people at the same time!

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