Hey! My name is Kathryn and I am a junior here at BSU.  I am currently in the dual licensure program majoring in Elementary education and english.  From the beginning of my time here at BSU I have been a part of Program Committee and was lucky enough to be chosen as special events chair my sophmore year and am now the BSU Traditions Chair.  I have been spending my time planning Homecoming which I’m wicked excited about!  While I’ve been on PC for a few years now this is my first time attending NACA and I’m so excited about.  Since before I was in college I have had my cousins from CT tell me about how much fun and how awesome it is!

Here are my 3 things I’m most excited about:

1) Meeting performers and finding some awesome people to bring here for the Spring semester.

2) Meeting new people from different schools and finding out about new ways to make our programs even better for the BSU community.

3) Hanging out and getting to know all of the students coming to NACA from BSU!


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