My name is Nicole Celeste and I am a Jr. here at BSU. I’ll be representing SWAT at NACA (that’s a lot of acronyms). Living with Katelyn Rapoza I have heard non-stop good things about NACA since last semester. There are so many things I am pumped for!
So first would have to be getting to share this experience with so many awesome people. I’ve gotten to work with these individuals but it will be cool to work and hangout in this fun environment. It’s events like this and working closely in this type of environment that give you the chance to really get to know people. And a strong work force (let’s be serious, we have to come together to put on pretty sweet programs) can show positive effects on the programs we put on.

Obviously I am pumped to see all the performers. It’s like a giant concert…new Woodstock of our generation? That might be pushing it but for the purpose of this blog lets go with that. It will be cool to discover new talent and help them thrive in the occupation they dream of. Beyond that, we can share the experience and enjoyment of a performer with the entire student body if we bring them back to school.

What else am I pumped about? No doubt being able to present SWAT. This job has given me so many opportunities as a student and I can’t wait to show SWATs going on. I definitely want to dedicate time and effort into this presentation because what happens on the Weekend really enriches a college experience. Did you stay at your high school on weekends? Probs not. Why not? Probs because there was nothing going on. So if there is nothing going on on campus during weekends why should you stay? It’s a question many students ask thus leaving for home on the weekends. That needs to change and organizations like SWAT can start turning that idea around.

I know I already said 3 but one more….I can’t wait to see what other schools are doing. Constant improvement is key to success. In order to evolve and be a better version of yourself you have to continually learn and be open to change and new ideas. That stands true for BSU to. You want to come back as an alum and see change for the better. That change comes now, that change comes from learning. NACA is without a doubt a hidden class within all the fun events planned.

So lets get pumped! The NACA countdown begins!!!!


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