Twitter, Now Blogging! NACA= whole new world for me!

Hey Everyone!

 My name is Caitlin. I am a SENIOR here at BSU. I am majoring in Elementary Education and Earth Science. (I love science but I am getting so sick of just working on my second major. I can’t wait to become a teacher!) This is my first time going to NACA and I am beyond excited and I am super excited to be representing Program Committee.

First I would like to say how wonderful Program Committee is! Being a member of PC has helped me grow so much in the last 3 semesters. I always was the quiet girl in the back of the room. I would always sit in the back of the meetings and say nothing. Being a part of PC and becoming more involved has opened up so many doors for me and made me realize that I don’t need to be shy and quiet. It also showed me how many things I can actually accomplish. I love being part of PC and I will never forget the memories I have made with the members and eboard and I can’t wait for all the memories to come. So thanks PC!! I am very excited to be representing PC and BSU at this years NACA.

Now…lets talk about NACA! Hmm what I am excited for? Let’s see…EVERYTHING!!!

1. I can’t wait to just learn! We are going to be learning so many new things. I am just so excited to learn more about planning events and working as a group, and to be able to take all that we learn at the conference and bring it back to the other members of PC.

2. New event ideas! I think that we need some fresh new ideas to get people more excited about things going on on campus. I think that our events are wonderful but I think changing them up a bit and getting fresh new events and ideas here at BSU will get the university even more excited and bring everyone together even more! BSU NATION!!

I am especially excited for the novelty events. I love being a part of the Special Events sub committee and I think that I will be able to bring a lot of great new ideas back to the sub committee for even better events next semester!!

3. Duh…FREE STUFF! I can’t lie and say I’m not extremely excited for all the free stuff we are going to get. I absolutely love free stuff 🙂

4. I have to add one more thing. I am sooo excited to get to know everyone. I think we have a great group of people attending NACA and I am so excited to get to know each and every one of you!

yay! I wrote my first blog. NACA is introducing me to a whole new world. I can’t even imagine what is to come!!

Love you all!! See you Thursday!


PS Wow I wrote soo much! sorry everyone haha


2 thoughts on “Twitter, Now Blogging! NACA= whole new world for me!

  1. Hey Caitlin!
    I definitely agree with you on the new event ideas and the free stuff is amazing be prepared to bring twice as much stuff home than what you brought with you hahaha! I’m so excited that you are going to NACA!!!

  2. Caitlin, you are great at blogging! So far your tweets have been great too. I think you missed your calling for not doing it sooner 🙂

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