Hello friends!!

My name is Meg Ryan and I am a SENIOR at Bridgewater State University (INSANE how fast time flies!). I am majoring in Psychology and Elementary Education and am currently in the Professional Education Block…aka I am a very busy lady. I am representing the one and only Program Committee! 🙂 This is the second NACA regional that I have been to, and I have also attended last year’s NACA National in Boston. Both experiences have been absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately for NACA Regionals, I can’t make it til Friday afternoon because I cannot miss class, but I am still very excited to go to NACA for the two days I will be there! I am most excited for:

1.) The crazy hustle and bustle of NACA itself. We go non-stop all day and at times it can be tiring and rough on the amount of sleep we get, and sometimes our significant others get upset at the reduced amount of phone calls they get because we are so busy, but it is a one of a kind experience and I just love running around and worrying about getting to performers and marketplaces on time, and not to class like when we are at school.

2.) I am very excited to attend NACA with both brand new and seasoned delegates. Katelyn Rapoza and I became very close friends after attending NACA together and I am very excited to get to know other members of the delegation as well. It is such a great experience, and it is an even better time when everyone who goes is enjoying themselves too! I am very excited to get to know Loryn and Rob better because I just met them!

3.) Ok..number three WAS going to be seeing Steve Moakler again but sadly, I do not believe he is attending this festivity. (I will admit, I am a bit obsessed.) SO, like everyone else pretty much, I have to say that number 3 is walking around the marketplace, talking to venders and performers and agents, and getting FREE STUFF 🙂 What can I say, I love free things!! (Especially bags..when is the last time I paid for a bag? I have no idea. Thanks NACA).

So there you have it folks. My top three reasons why I am super excited for NACA part trois! (For all you non-French speaking friends out there, that’s THREE!) 🙂

Looking forward to writing my next post!

Take it easy,

Meg 🙂


5 thoughts on “NACATTACK!

  1. Meg – Lovely post. I’m happy you are excited to get to know some of the new delegates – I think they will be a great addition to our group. Hopefully you and the other returners can give them some pointers about how to navigate the craziness that is NACA. If you could offer one piece of advice to the newbies – what would you say to them?

    Just like you and Loryn, I love free stuff as well!

  2. Dear Meg,
    I like that you’re taking after me and color-coding your entries 😉 it makes them so much more fun to read!

  3. Meg! I am so sad about Steve Moakler as well! but that just means we will have to convince Sarah and the BEAN to bring him to campus next semester!

  4. Kelly! There will definitely be much persuasion happening in the Steve Moakler department! I’m working on my speech right now! (hehe just kidding.)

    I DO have some advice for the newbies! I think that the number one piece of advice that I wish someone had given to me was to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF at NACA. Whether you have to step out of an Ed session to take a bathroom break or stretch your legs, or grab a drink of water during a performance, or even give your mom a call at some point even if there is a performer going on, you need to do what is best for you because it’s very easy to get run down and feel disconnected from the world. It is great to go to everything and take great notes and experience as much as you can, but we are only human, so if you need to take a five minute break for yourself, I recommend it! It is easiest to get lost on the NACA hype, so make sure you take a deep breath and a quick bathroom breaks every once in a while! 🙂


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