Hi everyone! My name is Sam Kenyon, and I’m a sophomore at Bridgewater State University. I’m majoring in Elementary Education and English, and I’m doing the dual license program. I’m brand new to NACA this year, and I will be representing Program Committee! 🙂

So what are three things I’m most looking forward to at NACA?

1) I’m a social person, and I love to meet people. I’m looking forward to meeting students from other schools and learning about their organizations. The school swap sounds like a great way to learn about new marketing strategies or new events we can try here at Bridgewater. It’s always great to bounce ideas off other people and see what works and what doesn’t.

2) I can’t wait to see all the great performers and vendors so that we can bring some fresh ideas for events to PC. I’m hoping that I can help my subcommittee, Live! @ BSU, come up with some good events for next semester.

3) I’m excited to get to know my fellow PC members better, as well as the delegates from other organizations! I’m all about working together and becoming closer as an organization, so I hope that we will all have a great time and learn even more about each other.

Counting down the days until NACA,

Sam 🙂

3 thoughts on “NACA NACA NACA!

  1. Sam,
    Your excitement is exciting! If you like to meet new people, I think you are going to have plenty of people to meet at the conference! Great post!
    -Matt Miller

  2. Well hello Sam!

    We have never met but like you I am very excited to meet people outside of my organization. It should be interesting to see how the different organizations work and what we can take away from each other.

  3. Hey Sam!

    Your enthusiasm is awesome. It’s my first time going to NACA as well so I’m sure it will be fun to experience it together! I’m really excited to go. I actually really like long car rides. 😛 And I can’t wait for the swap shop either. The ones I’ve gone to at other conferences are crazy!

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