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Hey guys I’m Rachel. And we’re supposed to post our Introductions here… So I’m a Senior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology… I do the bio part for fun if that makes any sense at all. I’ve been in PC since my Freshman Year and this is my second year as President.  I’m also employed in OSIL as a Student Weekend Activities Team Advisor and I’ve been doing that since the end of my freshman year and I really love it.  I attend bi-weekly Student Leader Council meetings and bi-semester Weekend Task Force Meetings.  I am also the Class of 2011 Student Marshall, which pretty much means I get to walk people in and graduate last.  I also have been an OL for the past three years, either as summer/winter/fall or all three.  I am currently participating in the Leadership Institute and I did so last year as well.  I am an alumnae of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority… and I think that’s probably it, but you never know with me.

Thing 1: Blog; So after re-reading what I wrote last week, when I had my bitterbadmood pants on, I had to re-write it.. I am glad we’re blogging for NACA… Even though I really don’t understand the point of a blog, I know we had a lot of fun with it last year and I hope we do again this year… I’ll leave my question up for you guys of what is a blog? What does it mean to you?

Thing 2: Presenting; Freshman year I was so nervous to talk in front of groups of people that I went so far as to take myself out of the running for an eboard position because I didn’t want to speak in front of the entire Program Committee. Since then I’ve presented at several NACA conferences as well as other places on campus and in the class room, and I’ve grown to really like it. Okay well not really like it, but tolerate it, and why I’m excited is because everytime I get up in front of a room of people and speak it reminds me that I am capable of doing it and I feel this huge relief afterward, andddd hopefully someone got something out of what I said. Make sense?

Thing 3: Cheering! We’ve never won the spirit stick (you’ll find out more about it later if you’re not sure) and I think that’s really disappointing. We’ve certainly got the spirit so I hope this year we change that… I think having a larger delegation will definitely help. The first year I went there was only 5 of us and it was hard to compete with delegations that brought 20 students.


4 thoughts on “Blogs…Insert question mark here

  1. Rachel! I completely agree about the spirit stick! I want to win it and with such a large group this year is our year to win the spirit stick!

  2. The spirit stick reminds me of Bring It On, is it similar? I can bring the school spirit, and I know the rest of us can too, so maybe this can be our year!

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