Hey whats up everyone my name is Matt Cardillo and I am a senior as well as an Aviation Management major here at BSU. I was asked to go to NACA on behalf of RHA and I can not wait to get there. Being the Program Coordinator for RHA I believe that there are a lot of things that I will take away from NACA. I worked with a few people this summer who were fortunate enough to go last year and all I heard was good things about it. So the three things that I am looking forward to goes as follows:

1. I am wicked pumped to be going to NACA with such a variety of delegates. It is going to be nice to see how other people in PC or SGA so things compared to us in RHA. It will be nice to bounce ideas off of each other

2. Schoolswap sounds like a BLAST! I can’t wait to get some free stuff and also get to see what cool things other school have though of.

3. I can not wait to see all of the performers. All 60 of them!! I love going to see performers while here at BSU and it is going to be awesome to see such a variety while we are there. So hopefully I will come back with a whole list of performers that we can bring here to BSU.

I hope that you all enjoyed my first post and until the next one, this is Matt Cardillo signing off!


5 thoughts on “PUMPED FOR NACA!!

  1. Hey Matt,
    We’re excited to be able to have PC, RHA, SWAT and SGA share this experience together. I think you are going to really enjoy the conference and I hope this does help create some new ideas for each group individually and encourage more collaboration. Great post!
    -Matt Miller

  2. Matt,
    I will be great to get to know someone like you from another department. I don’t know many people out of PC or SWAT. So it will be good to meet you and all of the others coming.. Get Pysched!!

  3. umm first of all I’m jealous that your an aviation major just sayin.
    but aside from that, I agree about how sick NACA is going to be!! It will definitely be cool to meet you and Rob from RHA and see how things work within RHA because like Amber said I don’t really know many people outside of pc and swat…so yea I’m wicked excited for NACA its gonna be a blast!

  4. I’m excited that you’re coming so we can all get to know people from organizations outside of our own! Your enthusiasm is really contagious, and I can already tell we’re all going to have a wicked fun time at NACA.

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