Hey guys, my name is Amber and I am attending NACA for Program Committee. I am a senior majoring in elementary education and earth science with a minor in special education.
I am so excited to attend NACA this year. I have heard so many things about NACA. I hope that I will have the same great experience. I hope to gain some more insight on what the typical college student would like.
Also, I think NACA will be exciting  for SGA,RHA, SWAT and Program Committee to come together and meet eachother in this exciting program.
I can’t wait to meet new people f rom various colleges and gain some new ideas from them. This will be an experience that i can come back to BSU and share with Program Committee and anybody that will listen and is interested..
YAY NACA 2010!!!!

2 thoughts on “SO EXCITED FOR NACA!

  1. I am so excited to bring so many new ideas back to the special events sub committee. I think that with fresh new ideas we will even better turnouts for the events we plan! I am also SUPER excited that you are going to NACA and I can’t wait to get to know you even more!!


  2. I’m excited that you will be going to bring back ideas to PC for special events! I think it will be great to expand the ideas of what special events can do, and I agree it will be awesome for all of our schools oraganizations to come together at NACA!!!

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